Well. It took longer than a month. I’ve been struggling to set regular time for working on non-work related projects. I’ve been able to set time to meet folks and attend events (especially in the local politics space), but I rarely am able to set solo time aside for this site or other projects.

I was lamenting to my roommate about how much harder it is to work on the side hustle compared to work. He mentioned that the scope of work work (yes work work) is more clear. Not only are there specific tasks, but there is a reward associated with each task completion (ie. something as simple as kudos from a colleague or a manager or more substantial like a raise). You’re also not on your own. There are other stakeholders.

I think the problem is larger than just spending time for other projects. I think it boils down to being able to take control of my time. It’s a skill that I have not yet achieved, and I think it’s incredibly important to build up.